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DayZed and Confused

Currently under development, DayZed and Confused is a survival oriented DayZ server.

You will find more zombies, in more and different locations. Zombies have various strengths, some are fast, others are slow, some can break through unlocked doors!

Some items have been added, and vanilla item spawns modified. For example, vanilla medical supplies may spawn less, however you may be able to find different meds that will stave off the effects for a short time.

When spawning fresh, you will spawn with the remnants of a previous life. Each “class” starts with different clothing, items, food etc… Some examples: Biker,. Cop, Skater Punk, Trailer Park Boy, Prisoner, and many more.

I am currently working on developing the server, and am looking for those interested in a server with this type of play style to come and join, help me test it out and provide ideas and feedback. I would like this server to be the ultimate survival experience.